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在一个越来越多地推动技术的世界中,大学研究是任何国家经济增长的基础。和IIT Bombay.致力于在边境地区的基本长期研究。

IIT Bombay. has made concerted efforts to align its R&D focus with the national goal of achieving technological self-reliance. 学生们 and faculty conduct research projects in thrust areas of science and engineering. The institute has ongoing academic and research collaborations with many national and international universities, governments and industries in order to keep pace with expanding frontiers of knowledge and global developments; it is also constantly in touch with national needs. Its pre-eminent position at the cutting-edge of research is reflected in its impressive list of research projects, which cater to both our national needs and global developments.  The research funding and industrial interactions of the institute is managed by the 工业研究和咨询中心 (IRCC)。有关可用专业领域,咨询服务,研究活动,转移和许可,研究实习和行业研究伙伴关系的详细信息,请转到 IRCC网页.